Below, we take you through the six stages of Open Up. You'll notice that each stage has its own colour, corresponding to the colour of one of the letters in the logo.

Site introduction

This is where you can learn about the site, it’s values, and how it works, and then choose a topic.

Topic intro

Now you are introduced to the question you are invited to answer, in relation to that topic. Clicking on the book symbol next to the name of the topic will provide you with background on the topic.

Initial opinion

This screen asks you to give your opinion before you review the arguments on this issue. That will allow you to see if the arguments have altered your opinion.


This is the heart of Open Up. You are presented with a dozen arguments. First you are asked which arguments you most agree with.

Then you are asked which of these arguments are most important to you. To help you do this, for each of your top arguments we offer to show you a counter-argument. This is repeated from the twelve that you reviewed on the previous screen.

Final opinion

Nearly there! We ask you for your final opinion, now you have reviewed the arguments.


Here are your results. Your final and your initial opinion are together, so you can see if your view changed, together with a reminder of your top arguments. In time, you will be able to compare your results with experts and specialists in the topic.